Thank you for feeding our addiction! We're plugged in, tuned up, and have a muse that needs satisfying. We've been playing music for as long as we can remember. Music has taken us places that we never thought we would travel to and we look forward to hanging on for the unique adventure. Living and breathing this music over all these years, on so many stages throughout the States, has been like a dream. And we're ecstatic to be here now -- for this moment, this show, and this song.




Whats happening VDK fans!!!! Welcome to 2013 or am I late to the party? There will be some cool new stuff happening soon here on the site and on our FB page so be sure to continue to visit and follow us on FB and twitter: @vdkchicago.  We will be adding shows and cool things that we will be giving away. Stay tuned as well for some insight into the studio on things we have done in the past and stuff we are planning on doing in the future.  We will be in some new places as well and some old places for those in the know.  Stay tuned and check back with us.  All the best.....

VDK Thanks

Hello out there.  A big thanks to the Montrose Room and the Cathy Richardson Band last Saturday.  Had a smashing time. Stay tuned for more shows and VDK news. Listen to VDK on Jango.com. Follow VDK on twitter @vdkchicago. Like VDK on FB!  It works. Don't forget to get all music at Itunes as well as ringtones. You would have to coolest phone in the world if it had a VDK ringtone. Guaranteed!!!

See you all soon!

VDK and the Cathy Richardson Band 9/22/12!!!

Hey Now!!!

Come on out and catch the VOODOO KINGS with the Cathy Richardson band this weekend, 9/22/12 at the Montrose Room at the Hotel Intercontinental, 5300 N River Road, Rosemont, Il.  Should be a smashing good time.  VDK hits the stage at 8PM and then Cathy Richardson rocks your world.  Can't wait to see everyone there.  Don't forget to listen to the VOODOO KINGS on Jango Radio.  You can find that at jango.com.  Its killer radio without the lousy commercials.  See you all on Saturday!!!!


A big thank you to all our fans who joined us on Saturday at the Jeff Park Music and Arts Fest... It was a blast . we had such a good time playing for everyone and the day was perfect, great music great weather and plenty of good times.  Check out this interview I did with the total scene here in Chicago. Follow the link and enjoy. Don't forget to catch us on Jango Radio at Jango.com. You can download ringtones of VDK music on Itunes. Check it out. Hope to see you down the road soon...